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User, Group And Role Management


Every user needs a password, even the master.

For generating the master pass you need to generate it using the CLI tools:

php bin/console auth generateHash <pass>

Copy the now displayed phrase and add it to config/auth.json at the key master.pass.

Master Auth

at CLI

Authorize with adding your secret as the --master|-m option.

Like php bin/console cache del all -m <secret>, the output will say if it was successful or not.

at flow - the normal runtime

// todo

in PHP

// create a user object with the `master` ident
$master_user = Container::_authToken()->new('master');
// call validate with the object of the master user
if (Container::_authToken()->validate($master_user, '<the-secret>')) {
    // going here if valid

    // you could set the active user to the master
} else {
    // going here if NOT validated