Paint the Web - a micro-Blog in .md about Dev, Web and more


The web is big, endless, scary, moody and wonderful - on PaintTheWeb you will read all different things that have any connection to web development, design, technology and a few things on management and projects.

You can find guides of the configuration and implementation of tools that I use as developer, came across, was curious what that is or just took a quick glance on it.

A lot is just the documentation of some software, library, script - written mostly for myself as a memory aid.

Or code scribbles which I found wonderful or are just helpful. Including HTML/Twig, Sass/CSS, JS, PHP, small bash scriptlets....

So - who?

This blog is maintained by Michael Becker, me, a Germany based Web Developer.

I code backend and frontend web applications, homepages and online-shops, also some libraries to support my work, the source of content for this blog. My every day life as a web developer at bemit UG (haftungsbeschränkt) and on other projects.

Quick Informations:

  • From Germany, near Mainz, Male, '1994
  • three-year training as IT specialist for application development in a vinery-software company
  • ~1 more year web-guy in that company
  • developing web applications since 2015 for bemit
  • 1 and a half year Junior Webdeveloper in an international PowerPoint agency with 2 of the leading slide shops - after which the senior developer and I took care of
  • at the moment freelancer for Frontend Development at a german public-law broadcast company

This blog is written in MarkDown, don't expect much images and media stuff!

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