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Template Fragments in Flood\Canal

Fragments are small code parts which are written for a dynamic use, some need to get variables.

They should be inserted like:

{% include 'fragment/some-fragment.twig' with {'key': 'val'} %}

Google Maps Api


Embeds Google Map, could be used with a Google API Key (Google Static Maps API) or Google Maps Embed API.


  • google_maps
    • type: api or embed, switches between api modes
    • api_key: Google Api Key, if exists and needed (Google Static Maps Api)
    • query: Position query (Google Static Maps Api)
    • embed: Embed code, GET param pb (Google Maps Embed Api)

Example, embed:

{% include 'fragment/google-map.twig' with {
    'google_maps': {
        'type': 'embed',
        'embed': '<your-embed-code>'
} %}

Contact Form /simple


As simple contact form.

HTML selector Contact Form /simple

  • .canal--contact-form on the <form>
  • fields in the order they are defined
  • fields are posted with name contact_form[<id>][<field-key>]
  • each field with <label>, if label is defined
  • <input|mixed> with div input-group around, if <label> is existing, label first then input
    • .canal--contact-form--input-group .input-group
  • optional place for placeholder="{{ val }}"

Variables Contact Form /simple

  • contact_form:
    • id: unique id, for multiple per-page usage : string
    • privacy: true
    • method: POST
    • action: url.generator.generate(contact)
    • field: input field that should be shown
      • name:
        • place
        • type: text(email|tel|number)|checkbox|textarea|hidden
        • req: required | optional
        • label: string | optional
      • email:
        • place
        • req | optional
      • tel:
        • place
        • req | optional
      • msg:
        • place
    • button:
      • label: absenden

Example, embed:


Navigation: Header

.nav-header {}

Navigation: Service

.nav-service {}

All available variables

The <head>has some default values, which didn't need not be set but are recommended. You could set them through your controller. The content controller will push those set in a meta content file to the template.

When nested, the childs are array items, with () at the end are object methods:

  • head
    • title used for <title>
    • author used for <meta name="author"
    • description used for <meta name="description"
    • font used for <link href="{{ head.font }}" rel="stylesheet">
  • meta
    • description used for <meta name="description"
    • lang used for <meta name="description" and as for the lang attribute of <body>
  • body
    • class array, will be concated with spaces as classes for <body>
    • attr array, will be concated with spaces as attributes for <body>
  • frontend
    • debug bool