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Flood Component: Route - The Container

See FloodComponent: Container for the main guide of Flood's container logic.


The container is the class Flood\Component\Route\Container\Container which has the singleton method i() and the ::$container_id = FloodRouteContainer.

use Flood\Component\Route\Container\Container;
use Flood\Component\Route\Hook\Hook;
use Flood\Component\Route\Hook\Storage;

Container::i()->register('hook-storage', new Storage()); // Style 1
Container::i()->register('hook', function () {
    return new Hook();
}); // Style 2

Container::i()->get('hook-storage')->getHookList(); // executes Flood\Component\Route\Hook\Storage->getHookList()  
$hook = Container::i()->get('hook'); // sets the var to a new instance of Flood\Component\Route\Hook\Hook

Convenience Methods

  • Container
    • _hook() - for get('hook')
    • _hookStorage() - for get('hook-storage')
    • _hookRouteGenerator() - for get('hook-route-generator')
    • _cache() - for get('cache')

Convenience methods have the by default assigned class as @return indication in phpdoc for a wider IDE support and for providing an easy, uniformed way to access and list default classes (in e.g. auto-completion).